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Adult 17+ yrs
Child 4-16yrs
Family 2A+2C
Infant Under 3 yrs

Tour Information

For tour meeting point and time, please take the tour vouchers as the final confirmation. The meeting point and time in the tour info are only for reference. Enquire through our service: LINE ID: @fit_travel or Wechat: FIT_TRAVEL_AU

Duration: All Day Trip 7am-5:30pm

The Frankland Islands group offers some of the best Cairns island snorkelling you can experience. Normanby Island and the surrounding fringing reefs sit within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, and are home to a wide range of marine life.

During your Frankland Islands day trip you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a guided snorkel tour and our popular adventure snorkel safari. These activities are included in the full day tour price, or you can add them on if you have chosen the transfer-only rate. All guests are also free to snorkel at their leisure throughout the day.

If you’ve never snorkelled before, don’t worry – our crew will give you all the instruction and briefing you need. Flotation devices are available so you can float along with ease and just enjoy the sights as you explore the reef.

Both snorkel tours are guided by experienced instructors, including our Master Reef Guides. They know where to find all the best marine life, from turtles and fish to giant clams and impressive corals.

Our all-inclusive day tour includes all snorkel equipment, sun protection suits and optional flotation devices.


Fun, safe snorkelling for all ages
One of the best things about Cairns island snorkelling trips is being able to snorkel right off the beach. Simply strap on your mask, grab a snorkel and fins, and step into the crystal-clear waters. Straight away you’ll be surrounded by colourful tropical fish and a myriad of other marine life.

We see green or hawksbill sea turtles on almost every trip. Snorkelling with sea turtles is an amazing experience, floating alongside them as they swim and feed. Don’t forget to look for our amazing electric blue anemone with its resident clownfish just off the shore!

You’ll be fully guided by experienced instructors, including our Master Reef Guides. They know these waters and will show you the best marine life on the Great Barrier Reef.


For even more impressive Cairns island snorkelling, we can take you by boat to the western side of the island for our adventure snorkel safari. Hop into the water and drift snorkel back around to the beach. On your way you’ll discover coral gardens, full of hard and soft corals, giant clams and an abundance of colourful fish.

Once again, our snorkel guides will be with you along the way to point out the highlights of our beautiful reefs and ensure your safety at all times.

Experts say the clean, clear water and more remote location make the Frankland Islands the best islands for snorkelling near Cairns. Come and see for yourself on a day trip with Frankland Islands Reef Cruises.

What can you expect in Frankland Island?

  • 200 species of coral can be found around Normanby and Mabel islands (out of 600 total species in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park)
  • The islands are home to endangered rare fauna such as the green turtle (Chelonia mydas), hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) spectacled flying-fox (Pteropus conspicillatus), and beach stone-curlews (Esacus magnirostris)
  • During the months of May and June, manta rays visit the shallow fringing reefs around the islands. You can see them above and below the surface.
  • There are two rare jewel-blue anemones containing clownfish, which you can see right off the beaches on the north and west sides of Normanby Island.
  • Four of the islands (High, Normanby, Mabel and Round) are Queensland National Parks, while the fifth, Russell Island is under Commonwealth protection as a lighthouse reserve
  • The Frankland Islands are made of metamorphic rock, once part of a coastal mountain range, separated from the mainland by a rise in sea level 6,000 years ago


Caring for the Island

  • Collect any rubbish that washes ashore and dispose of it properly
  • Keep to the dedicated pathways, and follow the footsteps of your guide
  • Do not enter or throw things into tidal pools – observe marine life from the shore
  • The island recycles everything for new growth. Collecting coral skeletons, shells, or animals can have severe negative impacts to marine and island ecosystems, so leave these ‘treasures’ where you find them.
  • Join us for an island walk to learn about its diverse ecosystem. With knowledge comes appreciation!

Caring for the Reef

  • Use flotation devices to prevent resting or standing on coral and other sensitive marine habitats
  • Avoid touching anything with your fins and try not to stir up the sediment
  • Keep your hands to yourself to avoid injury or harm to wildlife or yourself
  • Try and stay more than one metre from coral and animals
  • Hang on to your gear! Make sure nothing floats away, sinks, drags or grabs.
  • Follow your snorkel guide and learn about the underwater environment so you can better appreciate it.

Tour Inclusions

  • Coach transfers from Cairns
  • Mulgrave River cruise to the Island with commentary
  • Guided snorkel tour
  • Adventure snorkel safari
  • Semi-sub tour of the island
  • Guided island walk (with kids’ treasure hunt)
  • All snorkelling equipment and tuition
  • Use of kayaks & paddleboards
  • Buffet lunch
  • Morning & afternoon tea
  • Protection suit (Nov-Apr)

Tour Exclusions

  • Travel Insurance
  • Personnel Consumption



  • Child Age: 4-16. Infants (0-3yrs) travel free but must be pre-booked.
  • For the  guests are booked for this cruise especially who wants to snorkelling  . We require that at least one person of the group can understand the explanations in English and guidance of the Instructor and all guest will need to be able to swim for 100m.

What To Bring

  • Voucher
  • Swimwear
  • Towel
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Cash/credit card for additional purchases once on the island

Cancellation Policy

Free Cancellation if cancel outside 24hours. No refund if cancel within 24hours.
Noticed: If you would like to cancel, please kindly email us to cancel the tour at least 2 business days prior to this cancellation period. Once cancellation is confirmed, you will receive your refund within 7-28 business days.
Cancellation notification needs to be formally replied receipt by us during our office hours as acknowledgement.

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