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Tour Information

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Marine Life, Rides & Entertainment

Enter the wonderful world of Sea World and be delighted by the magical marine animals which call this place home. Enjoy some of Australia'smost thrilling rides and entertaining shows that promise a full day of family entertainment.

Sea World, one of Australia's most popular amusement parks is the only place in Australia where you can get up close and personal with a myriad of sea and land animals. Holding Sea World tickets offer guests a wonderful experience that not only educates but also entertains them. Learn about our special ecosystems, watch dolphins play and maybe even kiss a seal!

This park is a wonderful day out for everyone and you might find that you need more than 1 day to fully enjoy its magic. There are lots of restaurants, food stalls and refreshment stands as well as shops so you can score yourself a souvenir of your day at Sea World.

See interactive map and directions here: Sea world map

See detailed operating hours here: Operating hours

Operating hours: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, rides go from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm,  Sea World is closed on Christmas Day (25th December) and opens from 1:30pm on ANZAC Day (25th April).

Suggested visiting hours: The whole day, however it is suggested to enter at 9:30 am so you can go first on your favourite rides

 -*+ what to expect +*-

See the Marine Attractions at Sea World

  • Penguin Encounter is an icy home away from home to three different types of penguins: the cute and dainty Fairy penguin, the statuesque King penguin and the playful Gentoo penguin with its long tail and red bill. Step inside this frozen world and watch the penguins lay about on rock formations and frolic in the water. It's the only place of its kind in Australia and is a great new addition to Sea World.
  • Sea World's Shark Bay is a great place to visit and conquer your fears as well as learn about these mysterious and incredible creatures. The lagoon is the world's largest and operates on two levels so that you can gain a great view of how the animals live in three huge windows. There is an amazing assortment of sharks as well as stingrays and tropical fish. There's also a touch pool and you can even book in and swim with the sharks.
  • Sea World is the only place where you can get up close and personal with Polar Bears at Sea World's Polar Bear Shores. The two bears were found orphaned in Canada and have grown up living in this state-of-the-art display where every day is an Arctic Summer. You can watch these sometimes playful bears explore their habitat and swim in their large pool in an underwater viewing enclosure.
  • Penguin Point is home to 29 adorable and often clumsy Fairy Penguins. Their habitat has been created to give it a purely natural feel and contains a large pool for swimming, gravel and grass for the penguins to enjoy and play with. This year 30 specially designed burrows have been included to help aid the Fairy Penguins in the breeding season. What could be cuter than a tiny waddle of little Fairy Penguin feet?
  • Rays are kind of like the birds of the sea as they fly and glide with such effortless grace underwater. At Ray Reef you can meet over 100 of these amazing animals and some special guests will even get to feed and touch these creatures. Ray Reef also offers guests an educational as well as interactive view into the ways of these wonderful creatures.
  • Sea World's Dolphin Nursery Pool gives visitors the chance to see the baby dolphins as they grow up in their marine environment. It's a wonderful playground for these young dolphins to learn and be guided by their mothers. It's nature at its best. Rescue Point Lighthouse offers guests displays and highlights all the wonderful things the Sea World Research and Rescue Foundation of achieved.
  • The Sea World Rehabilitation Aviary is a place where sea birds can go to undergo treatment and rehabilitation. The aim is to release these birds into the wild but many of the birds will never be able to due to their severe disabilities. Living in the Aviary and around Sea World are many pelicans who have begun to use the space as their breeding ground.

Rides at Sea World

  • The Jet Rescue coaster is not for the faint at heart. Jump on board your own Jetski and fly around this rollercoaster track. You'll be twisting and winding but also joining the team on a mission to save a sea lion. To do this you'll have to explode through the cave to release him back into the wild and to safety. The Corkscrew was everyone's favourite ride at Sea World and after a makeover, it has emerged as the all-new and fantastic Sea Viper. Now, it's even bigger and better with huge triple loop loops which will have you spinning around upside down for ages. Make sure you hang on to your carriage and enjoy this wild ride!
  • Come visit the colourful world of Sesame Street at Sea World. There are rides for both young and old like Bert & Ernie's Big Dive, Elmo's Sea Subs and Big Bird Bounce. You also get to meet all your favourite friends like Big Bird, Ernie, Zoe, Grover, Cooking Monster and Elmo. Each day you'll get to see the wonderful Bert & Ernie's Island Adventure stage show.
  • The Sky High Skyway is a great way to get a bird's eye view of Sea World. Travel between the top of the park and the 4-D movie theatre and get a great idea of where everything is located. Check out which direction to walk in for the rides and see the animal enclosures from above.
  • The Sea World Monorail is one of the oldest rides on the Gold Coast and is the first monorail to be built in Australia. It's a great way to get around the park and stops at convenient places along the way as well as connecting Sea World to the Sea World Resort.
  • The Viking's Revenge Flume Ride is one for the whole family as it takes guests hopping on board a boat and taking a 460-metre floating ride. Along the way, you'll take a steep climb to the top of the Castle before you come crashing down in a big splash. This is a great ride but remember you might get a little bit wet along the way!
  • Castaway Bay is a new interactive adventure zone that is full of fun for the whole family. The area is child friendly and has wonderful themed rides like Battle Boats which fires off over 80 water cannons and the Sky Fortress which will see the kids play like monkeys as they manoeuvre the rope bridges.

Marine, Stunt & Information Shows

Penguin Encounter Educational Talk: Daily at 09:45am

  • Be transported to an icy wonderland at the world-class Penguin Encounter exhibit, home to Gentoo and King penguins.
  • Visit Penguin Point and meet the smallest penguins in the world! Get a rare and educational insight into the nature of these amazing birds.
  • Location: Penguin Encounter and Penguin Point.

Seal Guardians Presentation: Daily at 10:15am and 2:30pm

Meet Carter Meet Saturday Meet Tarni
Rescue Date: July 2006 Rescue date: August 2012 Rescue date: 1999
Sex: Male Sex: Female Sex: Female
Carter was found stranded in Mariners Cove, Main Beach on the Gold Coast. At the time he was an underweight pup suffering from a cookie-cutter shark bite and missing part of his left back flipper. After months of healing and sporting a large visible scar in the centre of his back Carter was deemed un-releasable by Sea Worlds Veterinarian and government authorities. Saturday is one of the youngest seals that live at Sea World and is very energetic and playful. Saturday was found malnourished and had a deformity in her right eye which meant she had quite limited vision out of this eye. Tarni is one of our rescued New Zealand fur seals and was found stranded in South Australia before coming into Sea World’s care that same year. At the time of her stranding, she was estimated to be less than one year old.
  • Location: Seal Theatre - Seal Guardians is held at Seal Theatre which is at the front of the park, refer to the map for more details.

Little Penguin Keeper Talk: Daily at 10:45am and 3:00pm

Meet Jules Meet Victor Meet Bailey
Rescue Date: July 2006 Rescue Date: August 2017 Rescue Date: August 2017
Sex: Male Sex: Male Sex: Male
Jules was stranded at Julian Rocks, Byron Bay in July 2005. He was found tangled in marine pollution, which had severely injured his right flipper. "In order for Jules to make a full recovery, the tip of his wing had to be amputated. With his swimming ability hindered he was not able to be released.


Victor was originally rescued by the Australian Marine Wildlife Research and Rescue Organisation (AMWRRO) in South Australia. He arrived at Sea World in August 2017. Bailey was also originally rescued by the Australian Marine Wildlife Research and Rescue Organisation (AMWRRO) in South Australia. He arrived at Sea World in August 2017.
  • Location: Penguin Point - Located at the back of the park at Penguin Point, refer to the map for more details.

Ray Reef Feeding: Daily at 10:45am and 3pm

Try your hand at feeding these majestic creatures!

PAW Patrol on Holiday: Daily at 11am and 12:45pm

PAW Patrol is on a roll as Chase and Marshall join you on holiday! They’ll need you to become honorary members and join the team in case there’s a yelp for help. Put your paws in the air, wag your tails and get ready to Pup Pup Boogie your way into a PAWsome holiday!

  • Location: Nickelodeon Stage: You can see Paw Patrol Goes on Holiday at Nickelodeon Stage in Nickelodeon Land. Refer to the Village Roadshow Theme Parks App for show times.

Affinity Dolphin Presentation: Daily at 11:30am and 3:30pm

Meet Howie Meet RAAF Meet Nudge
Howie became entangled in fishing line which cut a notch at the base of his dorsal fin, making re-entanglement a likely occurrence. It was suggested by Queensland fisheries for Howie to come to Sea World to recover and due to his injuries to remain here. Howie is now a very visible example of the effect of ghost netting and the importance of removing all fishing gear when you have finished. RAAF was found as a young calf lying on his side, badly sunburnt, stranded on the high tide mark on a beach in the Royal Australian Air Force Base at Evan’s Heads, NSW. After many weeks of dedicated care RAAF recovered from his injuries. Due to his age on arrival he was not able to be released as he would not have been able to fend for himself in the wild. Nudge was found in the shallows at Nudgee Beach, with monofilament fishing line entangled all around his tail fluke and a number of old wounds including a large stingray barb which was later found to be imbedded on his left hand side. Nudge was found at an age where he would still be nursing from his mother and heavily reliant upon her for survival. This meant that he had not developed the necessary skills to survive out in the ocean.
  • Location: Dolphin Beach Stadium - This presentation is at Dolphin Beach Stadium which is located at the back of the park, refer to the map for more details.

Seal Harbour Keeper Talk: Daily at 12:00pm

  • Get up close and personal to various species of seals at Seal Harbour; during an exclusive Animal Adventure; or at the newest Seal Presentation - Seal Guardians.
  • Watch them play, splash and sun themselves in the specially designed Seal Harbour exhibit.
  • Did you know Sea World is home to Australian sea lions, Californian sea lions, New Zealand/Long-nosed fur seals and Subantarctic fur seals?
  • Location: Seal Harbour - Stroll along specially designed boardwalks and glass partitions as you enjoy a clear view of the seals splashing, playing and sunning themselves in their home located towards the back of the park.

Turtle Power Live Show!: Daily at 12:00pm

  • Surface time! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles rise up out of the sewers to aid April and take on Foot. Get ready to high three as this band of brothers prove mutants rule in this interactive action-packed adventure. Turtle Power!
  • Location: Nickelodeon Stage - This show is located on Nickelodeon Stage within the Nickelodeon Land precinct, refer to the map for more details

Polar Bear Keeper Talk: Daily at 12:30pm

  • Watch the bears swim, play and interact with each other at the world-class Polar Bear Shores exhibit.
  • Polar bears are classified as Vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.
  • Visit Polar Bear Shores to learn more about the amazing bears as the keepers provide an educational talk.
  • Location: Polar Bear Shores & Polar Bear Pre-School - Now that Mishka has graduated from Polar Bear Pre-School, you can find her exploring, swimming and playing at the larger Polar Bear Shores exhibit along with her fellow housemates, Hudson and Nelson.

Thunder Lake Stunt Show: Daily at 1:15pm and 4:15pm

  • See the high stakes showdown between the Sun State All Stars and the Bay City River Rats to decide once and for all who rules the iconic Sea World lake. Featuring world class action packed stunts performed by some of the best athletes in the country, this show is one you won’t want to miss!
  • Sun State All Stars: The Sun State All Stars have arrived at Sea World and are here to have a good time! See their tricks and flips as they rule the Sea World Lake. But they better be careful otherwise those pesky River Rats might steal their thunder!
  • Bay City River Rats: They’re not here to party, The River Rats are here to set this lake on fire! See the River Rats claim back what’s rightfully theirs as they go head to head with those carefree Sun State All Stars.
  • Location: Sea World Lake Stadium- Located at the front of the park as you walk through the Sea World entrance, refer to the map for more details.

Shark Bay Educational Talk: Daily at 1:30pm

  • See sharks glide past huge windows, offering guests a glimpse into the world of one of the ocean’s top predators.
  • Some shark species are apex predators that play a huge role in maintaining a healthy balance of life in ocean ecosystems!
  • Location: Shark Bay - Come face-to-face with sharks in the world’s largest man-made lagoon system at Shark Bay.

Sea Jellies Educational Talk: Daily at 4:00pm

Want to learn more about these cryptic and fascinating animals that are found all over the globe and don’t even have a brain? Visit Sea Jellies Illuminated, to hear all about the role Sea Jellies play in the ocean.

Tour Inclusions

  • Village Roadshows theme parks admission
  • Thrilling rides, photo-taking and performances
  • Amazing world class shows

Tour Exclusions

  • Food and drink
  • Merchandise
  • Souvenirs
  • Upgrades on rides (One shot, backwards, etc)



Seaworld Drive, Main Beach
Gold Coast, Queensland 4217


Parking is available for free in the provided parking space

Hopo Ferry:

How to get there:

For locals:

There are a number of public buses and taxis arriving and departing regularly. For more information regarding Gold Coast Surfside Buses please visit the website – or contact Trans Info on 13 12 30.

For travelers:

Only 35 minutes (average) from the Gold Coast Airport by car

Only 50 minutes (average) from the Brisbane Airport by car


  • Some of the rides may be closed for maintenance, to avoid disappointment check here for detailed times: Park maintenance
  • The rides will be closed on 25th April (Anzac Day) and 25th December (Christmas)
  • The rides will have safety requirements, check here for detailed requirements: Safety and requirements
  • People with medical conditions may not be able to ride any rides
  • People with special conditions may not be able to ride any rides
  • Children aged 2 and under are free of charge to enter the theme parks
  • Children from 3 years and above require their own theme park pass
  • Mobile vouchers are accepted allowing you to skip the queues at the front gates for a speedy entry
  • You can only virtual queue one ride at a time.
  • Accesso is the official ticketing service for events at Village Roadshow Theme Parks. Selected packages are sold through authorised resellers only.
  • Any tickets sold through unauthorised sales channels may be seized or cancelled without refund or exchange. The bearer of the ticket may be denied admission.
  • Unauthorised sales channels include but not limited to Wechat, Taobao, eBay and Gumtree.

For full detailed Term and Conditions, please visit the website here: Terms and conditions

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