• 所有價格以澳幣表示,包含消費稅金
    All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD) (including GST).
  • 客人提供的用於預訂的個人資料須確保正確無誤,不正確或不完整的資料可能導緻訂單被取消,或訂單無效而不獲退款。
    Please make sure that all information given is correct and precise. Please be aware that any incorrect or incomplete in- formation could lead to the cancellation or invalidation of your order. No refund would be applicable in this case. Ensure all information provided is correct and precise, where any incorrect or incomplete provision of information could lead to cancellation or invalidation of your order. No refund will be applicable.
  • 請務必在行程或發團前提前到達集合地點,如果旅客未在預訂的出發地點和時間等候或遲到,將被視為自願放棄預訂專案並不獲任何退款。
    Please make sure to present yourself to the meeting place on the scheduled time. Anyone who could not make it to the meeting place on time will be considered as leaving the group at their own will with no refund. Ensure to meet all tour schedule time, if one, partial or all members could not make it to the designated meeting place, their participation will be considered void. No refunds will be applicable.
  • FIT TRAVEL必須收到客人的預訂相關款項後才開始預訂,故須客人儘快安排好付款時間和方式以便FIT TRAVEL 的及早預訂和安排而不錯過預訂機會。
    FIT Travel will not process your order until we receive the payment with the correct amount from you. In this case, we advise you to arrange your payment schedule and method at your earliest convenience for us to make the booking and to facilitate your travel. Orders will not be processed unless all payments with the correct amount have been received by FIT Travel. Please be advised to organise your payment schedule and method at your earliest convenience for FIT Travel to facilitate your travel.
  • 敬請客人務必核對旅遊行程明細,並確保所有預定的產品準確無誤,FIT TRAVEL不承擔任何因閣下的疏失而產生的費用及損失。
    Please make sure all details in your travel itinerary are correct. FIT Travel will not be responsible for any extra (additional) fare or loss caused by the negligence of the client.
  • 建議團友購買旅遊保險。發生任何由於團友自身原因,不可抗拒的自然因素或其他突發事件,行程均不將獲取消,退款或賠償,與FIT TRAVEL無涉。
    Travel insurances are strongly recommended. FIT Travel will not refund or compensate for any consequences caused by clients’ personal reasons, irresistible natural forces and other unexpected occurrences.
  • 旅行服務供應商有權要求他們認為無理或損害其他旅客利益的客人退出活動,並不承擔任何責任。客人與同行旅客須對您及同行旅客造成的所有破壞損失負責。
    Our local operators reserve the right to request those clients who do not properly behave or who has posed a threat to any other travellers during the trip to leave the travel group. No refund would be applicable in this case.
  • 對自行中轉接駁機票,輪船,巴士等的行程,客人需提前自行作好準備及研究中轉流程並把握時間,未能及時中轉接駁而錯過行程與FIT TRAVEL無涉。
    Clients shall get themselves prepared for transits in between flights, ferries and buses when no tour guide is assigned for the trip. FIT Travel will not help those who could not make it to their next destination at their own responsibility. Clients shall only organise their own transits between flights, ferries and buses when no tour guide is assigned for the trip. FIT Travel will not be responsible for customers who cannot make it to their next destination due to their own transit issues.
  • 所有轉車服務持續時間均代表正常駕駛條件下的行駛時間。若行駛時間由於客觀原因超出本身預估,我們對因航班,火車或其他運輸線路造成的延誤損失概不負責。到達旅館和觀光遊覽所需的時間都是粗略估算的,實際情形將取決於交通狀況。
    All travelling time is estimated based on normal driving and traffic conditions, which highly depend on actual traffic conditions. FIT Travel will not compensate for delays of flight, train schedule and any other transportation incidents.
  • 行程日期如沒有成行, 會於客人出發前一週通知, 可作全額退費. If the itinerary date does not take place, the guest will be notified one week before departure, and a full refund can be made.
  • 對於需要最後退款的客人,FIT TRAVEL 會在行程結束後退款。
    Those clients who need a refund for any of their cancelled or modified tours, FIT Travel will process all refunds after the trip.
  • 以信用卡付款的預訂,退款時手續費不獲退還。
    Credit card surcharge will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  • 行程一旦在 FIT TRAVEL 下訂單並成功付款,包括酒店和機票的行程,將不能取消或隨意更改,隨義更改或取消行程的預訂都有可能不獲任何退款。對不包住宿和機票的行程,在有特別條款的情況下可能不能作任何取消或更改。在沒有特別條款的情況下取消或更改行程按以下條款處理:
    Once you placed the order with FIT TRAVEL and paid, tour packages including air tickets and accommodation will not be able to be cancelled or rebooked at your free will. No refund would be applicable in this case. Tours without air tickets or accommodation but special conditions may not be cancelled or rebooked, either , but for those without special conditions, refunds are based on the following rules:*  旅遊日前10天以前取消並辦理退款者,收取全額之25%至100%手續費。
    *  10 days before departure: 25%-100% cancellation fee of the full price may apply;*  旅遊日前10天以內(5天以前)取消並辦理退款者,收取全額之75%至100% 手續費。
    *  6-9 days before departure: 75%-100% cancellation fee of the full price may apply;*  旅遊日前5天以內取消,或於旅遊開始日或開始後不參加者,收取全額之100%手續費,沒有退款。
    *  5 days before departure: 100% cancellation fee of the full price applies. No refund available.
  • 對先交付定金預約的行程,一旦確認行程,定金將不獲退款,並且客人需按時交付餘額。如未能按時交付餘額,行程將自動取消並且定金不獲退款。
    Deposit charged for booking of the tour will not be refunded  to the client once the trip has been confirmed. The tour will also be cancelled automatically with no refund applicable if the client does not pay for the rest of the price of the tour on time.
  • 任何直接與供應商如航空公司,酒店或其他聯繫取消預訂專案是無效的,任何預訂取消或更改均須通過FIT TRAVEL 進行取消或更改。如果預訂的取消或更改沒有通過FIT TRAVEL 的業務顧問,則將不獲任何退款。
    All refund or variation requests of the original tour package shall be processed through FIT Travel. Those requests via operators such as airlines and hotels will not be considered as effective, and no refund will be applicable.
  • FIT TRAVEL 保留行程臨時更改及取消的解釋權,由於臨時情況或變故,FIT TRAVEL 會盡力完成故有行程,但也可能更改(如客人已參考行程, 不予退款),取消行程內容及次序,並可能介紹客人參加其他行程並需客人補差價。
    FIT Travel reserve the right to explain the tours changed or cancelled at short notice. Although FIT Travel has the responsibility to spend every effort completing the original  tour plan, variation or cancellation of the tour may still occur, in which case FIT Travel will recommend other tours as substitution for the clients. Possible price difference will be charged.
  • 行程如有更改,FIT TRAVEL 會馬上用客人提供的聯絡方式通知聯絡客人。但由於客人自身不及時查看手機,電郵或提供錯誤的聯絡方式等原因沒有得到及時通知而造成錯過行程等損失均不將獲取消,退款或賠償,並與FIT TRAVEL 無涉。
    FIT Travel has the responsibility to contact the client via the contact details provided once the tour itinerary needs to be changed. However, FIT Travel will not process a refund or any compensation for any loss caused by clients not responding to the messages, phone calls and emails, or caused by wrong contact details filled in by the clients themselves.
  • 不包含免費同行兒童的餐飲費。如果沒有座位,免費兒童必須全程坐在同行成人的膝蓋上。
    Children travelling with adults on free fare will not be provided with meals. The child (usually under 4-year-old) shall sit on the accompanying adult’s lap if there is no seat available on the airplane.
  • 對於有建議導遊服務小費的行程,小費不包括在團費中。如果導遊在服務過程中沒有不當,客人需按照小費的額度要求付給導遊。
    For tours with tips not including in the tour package price, clients shall tip the tour guide with the proper amount as long as the tour guide does not behave improperly.
  • 旅遊套餐中的船票,門票等由於船票,門票其自身原因無法提供服務,如有退款,最多以船票,門票等官方正價的七折退回。
    Tours include attraction entry tickets, ferry tickets, bus tickets, etc., if under circumstances where the specific attraction cannot be provided, where refund is applicable these tickets will only be available refunded at 30% of the retail price.
  • 如果客人由於自己本身的原因提出更改或取消機票的請求,需要與 FIT TRAVEL 書麵確認請求,並需承擔以下費用及註義以下事項:
    Clients who are willing to cancel or change their flight, shall submit a request of cancellation or variation in written format to FIT Travel. Fees listed below will be charged:*  FIT TRAVEL 行政處理費用$70一位一程
    Surcharge from FIT Travel at $70 per person per trip
    *  票務中心行政處理費用大緻$20一位一程(以最後確認為準)
    Surcharge form ticketing centre at $20 per person per trip (needs to confirm with the ticketing centre)
    *  航空公司罰金及補倉費(以航空公司最後確認為準)
    Fine from Airline Company and complement cabin fee (needs to confirm with the airline company)
    *  需要處理的時間以航空公司最後通知為準。
    Processing time of cancellation and refund depends on the notice from airline
    *  更改或取消機票請於出發日期前至少3個工作日與FIT TRAVEL取得聯繫,若因作業時間不充足,航空公司拒絕退票或改簽,FIT TRAVEL 概不負責。
    Any request for refund or cancellation must be notified at least 3 working days before flight departure. FIT travel will not be responsible for any refund/date change application sent within 3 working days resulting delays to the refund/change process or leading to no refund/ change at all.
  • 如果由於航空公司或其他客觀原因需要更改或取消航班,FIT TRAVEL將有權請客人購買其他航班並且在需要時補交相應差價。如果客人要求取消預訂,則按第20點條款處理。
    FIT Travel reserves the right to ask the client to purchase other flights when the airline has to change or cancel their original flight for any unexpected reasons, and price difference will be charged. If the client wishes to cancel the booking, please refer to clause 20 .
  • 客人在預訂機票後需當天核對姓名,機票時間等等各項預訂的細節,如有出入,需馬上當天在FIT TRAVEL 的辦公時間內與FIT TRAVEL 聯繫並通知更改。過期則按第20點條款處理,客人預訂澳洲境內機票則需在FIT TRAVEL 業務顧問輸入客人資料時作確認,境內機票一旦確認,如有任何改動則需按第20點條款處理。
    Clients shall check their names, flight schedule and any other details of the booking the day when the booking is made. Clients shall contact FIT Travel to make corrections once any incorrect information is identified on the itinerary. Please refer to clause 20 if clients could not contact FIT Travel on time. Details of domestic flights shall be checked with FIT consultant when making the booking. Please refer to clause 20 if the client wished to change the flight details once the booking has been confirmed.
  • 澳洲境內機票不包括行李,出境機票有少部分不包括行李。客人需認真確認行李額度。
    Domestic flights and some international flights do not allocate checked baggage. Clients shall confirm checked baggage quota with FIT consultants carefully when making any booking.
  • FIT TRAVEL 所有單純機票的售賣服務隻停留在機票本身,機票以外比如需要何種簽證,如何辦理等等需客人自行確認及辦理。
    FIT Travel is responsible for the selling of air tickets only, anything other than the air tickets such as visa application will need to be taken care of by the clients themselves.
  • 在收到客人的付款後如果酒店被訂滿,FIT TRAVEL將有權提供另一替代的相同標準的酒店,或與客人確認更改酒店級別並在需要時補交相應差價。
    FIT Travel will provide a substitution with same or similar standard if the hotel has been fully booked after clients making the payment. FIT Travel will inform the client of the change of the hotel and price difference if applicable.
  • 如果您預定瞭酒店,您所支付的費用隻是住宿費用(如果有說明,包括早餐)。退房時您還需要支付其他額外費用如餐飲費、電話費、付費電視計費等等。
    Hotel fare includes only the accommodation (buffet break- fast available if indicated). Any other expenses such as meals, telephone bills, pay TV bills, etc. will be charged with the client at check-out.
  • 客人及同行旅客必須遵守酒店所設立的所有規定。
    Clients and any accompanying guests will have to follow all the policies and rules of the hotel.
  • 房內人數(包括嬰兒和兒童)不得超過該房間在網站上規定的人數。如有違反,您將被拒絕入住或被收取額外費用。
    Number of persons staying in one room (including children and infants) shall not exceed the limit of hotel standard, or you will be rejected when checking in or charged an extra cost.
  • 為瞭涵蓋您在居住期間的所有費用,您在入住酒店時將需支付押金或以信用卡作為保證。
    Deposit or credit card guarantee will be requested at check-in to cover all the expenses during stay.
  • 客人簽名或電郵回復同義或交付預訂款項任何一項都表示同義此預訂條款。
    The Client accepts these terms and conditions by either of:
    1.signing the terms and conditions or; 2.email reply to agree; 3.make payments.
  • 18歲以下兒童不建議單獨出發,若達不到行程公司的年齡限製網上付款,本公司將無法退款。
    Children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. FIT Travel can not refund if they child under 18 years purchase tour online.
  • 您(作為客人)委託(FIT TRAVEL)擔任您的代理人。FIT TRAVEL經您授權作為您的代理人,這義味著您授權FIT TRAVEL代表您與服務和旅遊產品的供應商為您(作為客人)預訂和確認所有的旅遊行程、航班、酒店住宿。FIT TRAVEL不是您要求我們代表您預訂和確認的服務和旅遊產品的供應商。
    You (the client) appoint us (FIT TRAVEL) to act as your agent. FIT TRAVEL is authorised by you to act as your agent, which means you authorise FIT TRAVEL to book and confirm all tours, flights, accommodations on your behalf with the services and tour product suppliers for you (the client). FIT TRAVEL is not the supplier of the services and tour products that you request us to book and confirm on your behalf.
  • 您(作為客人)允許我們(FIT TRAVEL)保留差價(是購買價格減去我們可以與相關服務和產品供應商協商的金額的差價)作為傭金或服務費用。
    You (“the client”) allow us (FIT TRAVEL) to retain, as our commission or fee, the difference between the purchase price and the amount we can negotiate with the relevant service and product suppliers.
  • 如果取消,我們將收取一定的費用,此費用作如果預訂未被取消時我們傭金,以及我們代表您預訂的相關服務和產品供應商處理取消工作的費用。
    In case of any cancellation, the fee that we charge will not exceed the sum of our commission or fee (being the amount we would have received if the booking was not cancelled) and the costs we incur on your behalf as determined by the service and product suppliers in processing the cancellation.
  • 持有潛水證的潛水員(Cert Dive)可以深入且更長時間地進行深潛,並且具有更大的彈性。需要出示有效的潛水牌(如PADI)和潛水日誌(LOG BOOK)。如果你已經有超過一年沒有潛水,可能就不能以潛水證持有者的身份進行潛水。
    Cert Diver can go deeper and longer with more flexible to dive, need present valid certification, log book, if you have not dive over 1year you may not dive as cert diver.
  • 由於政府對COVID-19的限製,在2020年3月14日之後的預訂,如旅行計劃被取消,將不包含在FIT TRAVEL Australia 的“寬鬆政策之內”,除非客人證明目前因COVID-19病倒。未涵蓋的與COVID-19相關的情況包括:運輸中斷和取消;旅行諮詢和限製;健康諮詢和隔離;修改適用法律;以及其他政府命令,例如疏散命令,邊界關閉和就地避難所。取消政策將會按照一般的條款處理。我們的寬鬆政策旨在保護我們的客戶免受預訂後出現的不可預見的情況的影響。在世界衛生組織宣布COVID-19為全球大流行之後,由於COVID-19及其後果不再是不可預見的或無法預料的,​​因此,不再適用寬鬆政策。請在預訂時請仔細閱讀取消政策的條款和條件, 我們強烈建議所有客戶在進行預訂時認真考慮取消政策。客人也可以在預訂前檢查任何旅行保險政策是否為您取消旅行取消提供承保。
    Travel bookings cancelled due to government restrictions of COVID-19
    [Reservations made after 14 March 2020]
    Reservations from FIT TRAVEL Australia Pty Ltd made after 14 March 2020 will not be covered under our extenuating circumstances policy, except where the guest is currently sick with COVID-19. COVID-19 related circumstances not covered include: transportation disruptions and cancellations; travel advisories and restrictions; health advisories and quarantines; changes to applicable law; and other government mandates—like evacuation orders, border closures and shelter-in-place requirements. The cancellation policy will apply as usual. Our extenuating circumstances policy is intended to protect our customers from unforeseen circumstances that arise after booking. After the declaration of COVID-19 as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization, the extenuating circumstances policy no longer applies because COVID-19 and its consequences are no longer unforeseen or unexpected. Please remember to carefully review the term and condition for cancellation policy when booking. We strongly urge all customers to carefully consider the cancellation policy on any reservation they make. Customers could also check whether you are covered for travel cancellations under any travel insurance policy before booking.
  • 如果閣下付了行程的部分定金, 則:
    a, 如果出發日期, 行程價格及內容均跟我方網上符合, 客服同事會馬上確認 不作另行通知. 訂金此時不作任何退款.
    b, 如果出發日期, 行程價格及內容跟我方網上不符合, 客服同事會向閣下提出所以替代方案, 如閣下不同意, 訂金可全退.
    If your order only pays the deposit of a product:
    a, if the product has available seats on the departure date and price and contents are the same as the order you placed, the booking would be confirmed by us without additional notification to you, and the deposit is not refundable.
    b, if the product has no available seats or price or contents are not the same, we might provide alternative options. If you do not agree with the options, the deposit is refundable.

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